Unicorn Bark recipe

Unicorn Bark recipe

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On the weekend we had our daughter’s 4th birthday party. It was a unicorn/princess/frozen themed birthday and as part of the food I made what everyone calls Unicorn Bark. That’s right, food for the unicorns! So obviously it had to be pink, had to have sparkles and of course had to be yummy!

I posted a picture of the finished unicorn Bark on our Instagram page and you all went nuts for it! So I thought I’d share the recipe here for you all to find more easily.


1kg Nestle White Choc Melts

1tsp Rolkem powder colouring (I used Lumo Cerise colour - use greater than 1tsp for a more vibrant pink)

1 packet of sprinkles and pearl/heart candies (I bought mine from woolworths, a mix of ‘Magic Star Tops’ and ‘Fairy sweetheart toppings’)

*beware of recipies that suggest Candy Melts instead of real chocolate! Candy melts while easy to melt and come in lots of pretty colours don’t taste very good.  Getting a good quality powder colouring is worth every cent! Do not use general food colouring as it will not work in the chocolate and will ruin your unicorn bark. I purchased the colouring from Merryday Cakes in Cheltenham.


Melt the white chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a pot of boiled water. Stir slowly until all chocolate has melted. Alternatively you can melt the chocolate using the microwave on high in bursts of 20-30 seconds, however be very careful not to overheat as the chocolate will then go too far and will lose moisture.

Once chocolate has melted split it into two bowls. Place rolkem powder colouring into one bowl and stir until colour is even, add more depending on how vibrant you like the colour.

Place baking paper on a flat tray and spoon white chocolate onto the baking paper. Drizzle the pink dyed chocolate over the top of the white chocolate, then using a toothpick or knife swirl the colours together to make a nice pattern. While the chocolate is still melted decorate with the sprinkles then place in the fridge to cool for 2+ hours or overnight.

Once the chocolate has gone hard use a knife to cut pieces or smash shards with your hands (I did it this way in a karate shop action, which was kind of fun! Ha ha). Your unicorn bark is ready to serve!


This recipe is so easy that you can do anything you want with it. I have seen versions that use lots of colours to make a more rainbow coloured bark.

You could also add different lollies to it (gummy bears, rainbow lollies or sour straps).

If you can find a chocolate bar mould from a cake shop you could also pour the chocolate and sprinkles  into the mould to make a block for gifts or wedding favours.

My 4 year old had so much fun helping me decorate the chocolate with sprinkles! Just be careful when the chocolate is hot.


Christie Woods
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